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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 9, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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around the world, the stories that matter on kpix5 news this morning. good morning, everyone. it is monday, december 9, i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:00, a monday but already a busy monday on the roads. >> we do have a number of different incidents going on. it's pretty early to see this many accidents. nothing huge but we'll go out to loss gatos, we're getting word of a new issue, a car ran off the roadway into a pond or a ditch but it is visible from the connector ramp. southbound highway 17 to highway 85 right there by los gatos creek trail, not seeing major slowdowns and our sensors on the main lines and this traffic alert is still in effect even though the main lines of northbound 880 are open, a big rig hit some sand barrels and the off ramp remains closed for the next hour and a half until approximately 6:30 this morning. westbound 580 still looks good
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coming through the altamonte pass and as you get closer towards tracy and here is a live look at the dublin interchange. that traffic looks great and continues to move well out. that is your latest kcbs traffic. it's still cold outside. still, here is lawrence with your latest forecast. >> we had that heck of a storm friday night and it brought in more cold behind it and here we are continuing to look at freezing temperatures outside but signs that this might be winding down now. still a very cold start to the day, mostly clear skies out there right now, and very cold temperatures, especially in the north bay down to 22 degrees right now in santa rosa, that just updated. 29 in san jose, 37 san francisco and 34 degrees in livermore. freeze warnings up for most of the bay area except for san francisco, the lows into the 20s and 30s again, then i think we'll see one more night of freezing temperature then after that it should start to moderate into wednesday. in the meantime though the temperatures will be chilly by the afternoon. we'll have plenty of sunshine all day long but grab a jacket.
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you may need it, only 47 for a high in concord, 48 livermore, 52 in san jose, and about 52 degrees in san francisco. that's a look at weather guys, back to you. people were shivering throughout the bay area this weekend. this ice rink in walnut creek was a popular place despite the chilly weather. >> dressed up, bundled, three layers down. >> good day to come ice skating? >> it's a great day to come ice skating. >> what do you think of the cold weather? >> it's so cold. >> i'm freezing, but it's awesome. >> it's very cold but it's amazing to skate on this ice. >> it's so cold. there's ice everywhere. >> well they love it. even with the sunshine temperatures were down in the 40s in most spots, people working at this christmas tree lot had to bring out portable heaters and plenty of hot coffee to help keep warm. chilly weather in the bay area mild compared with the troubles plaguing other parts of the nation. cbs susan mcginnis has the latest on the snow, ice and
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bitter cold causing havoc back east. >> reporter: a winter storm is causing a mesa long the east coast. heavy snow piled up in pennsylvania slowing down drivers and sending cars off the road. more than eight inches fell in the philadelphia area causing headaches for motorists. >> the storm just came out of know where. it just hit us, honestly. >> all of a sudden it just hit us and then i'm slipping and sliding. >> the eagles and lions played sunday afternoon football in near white out conditions. crews worked through the game to clear the field. the storm charging up the east coast is dropping snow and freezing rain, firefighters say black ice caused two dozen cars to pile up just outside of new york city and at least 44 people were taken to the hospital. >> here in the washington d.c. metro area the storm turned mostly to rain but if it gets colder freezing rain could start falling making for more treacherous driving conditions. the storm is part of a system
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that's been hitting much of the nation. it cancelled more than 2500 flights sunday and is causing more delays and cancellations for monday morning travelers. new york, boston and big cities farther north are preparing for bad weather that could disrupt the morning commute. susan mcginnis, cbs news, arlington, virginia. hundreds of airline flights are already being cancelled for today. the most troubled airports right now are philadelphia international and regan national near washington. president obama is making a long trip from washington to south africa to honor civil rights legend nelson mandela. tomorrows memorial service will serve as a rare reunion of nearly all of the living american presidents. kpix5 is in the news room now and the number of dig any tar its i imagine is giving south african police quite a security challenge. >> reporter: yes, frank. more than 80,000 mourners are expected to attend the memorial and thousands of police officers will be on hand and right now a memorial outside nelson mandela's former home is
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growing as well as a crowd of south africans who have come together since his death. >> police are preparing today for a memorial service for nelson mandela at a soccer stadium tomorrow. president obama leaves this morning for south africa where he will attend the massive public memorial. former presidents bush, clinton and carter will also be in attendance along with more than 50 heads of state, making it one of the largest gatherings the world leaders in recent history. >> this is a test for us. >> the head of south africa's national defense force says the country is prepared for the challenge of keeping so many dignitaries safe. 11,000 soldiers have been deployed around the country to protect the mourners. >> we believe that probably a billion people will be watching how south africa will perform. >> south africans of all races and religious backgrounds sang prayers for the man credited
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with uniting a country once bitterly divided. and the singing rang loud in the bay area at san francisco's glide memorial. several showed up to honor the leader. >> now this is only the beginning of a series of events planned all week in south africa. it kicked off with yesterdays national day of prayer for the leader. reporting live in the news room, kpix5. >> thank you, kate. mandela's family issued a statement saying they were grateful for the outpouring of support from the governments and people all around the world. santa rosa police are searching for a man they say used a hypodetermine ic needle as a weapon to rob a gas station. it happened yesterday afternoon at a valero station. employees told officers that the robber wore a bandanna over his face and threatened employees with the needle before leaving with cash. the suspect is still at large. police say there were no
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major problems at san francisco's candlestick park during the big game between the 49ers and first place seattle seahawks. yesterdays security included disguise in seahawks jerseys monitoring the crowd inside and outside candlestick at all timeses. >> you're going to find yourself in jail and these tickets are expensive. you'll want to find yourself inside the stadium and not in our station. >> police arrested 23 people, 19 of them for drunkenness. the true test comes december 23rd, the 49ers last regular season game in san francisco. around the bay investigators will back out of a sonoma county park this morning after a family stumbled upon human remains a man and his two children spotted a human skull and a tennis shoe yesterday. detectives were called out but since it was dark at the time they had to secure the area so they could go back and explore later this morning.
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oakland a's owner lou wolf plans to keep pursuing a new ballpark. baseball commissioner sent a letter of rejection to the a's back in june. the document says celic was not satisfied with the a's location proposal. right now it's unclear if it's a denial or if it identifies steps the a's need to take to move forward. a court hearing is set this friday regarding the city of san jose's lawsuit against mlb. happening today, a powerful federal appeals court in northern california will provide live video streaming of some of its proceedings. the ninth circuit court in san francisco is considered the nations busiest federal court. arguments in five cases are scheduled today through wednesday. one involves california laws regarding the dna swabbing of adults arrested for felony offences. well the clock is ticking, the senate has less than 24 hours now to cast a vote or ban on plastic firearms could expire. >> kpix5 reporter mark kelly
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joinses now. mark gun control advocates want this current law extended another decade. >> reporter: the law as it stands right now requires there to be a piece of plastic in the firearm but they're looking to change that and now the senate is slated to debate this today for the gun control crowd, this legislation is more important than ever since the invention of 3d printers means individuals can more easily produce plastic firearms right from their own homes. now the nra has weighed in on his, surprisingly it's not trying to block the plastic gun ban but it has opposed making the law more strict than it already is. >> and mark all this is happening with the anniversary of the sandy hook shootings coming up? >> and that horrific day left 26 people dead and since that day we have seen a divide form. we have even among the gun control advocates we have the crowd that wants to see stronger legislation, they want to see a ban on assault weapons, but we also see the other crowd that just wants to
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strengthen the mental health laws that are out there. >> those democrats already lost that fight right? >> they did lose that fight last april so a lot is on the line now right now for the president and the democrats to pass this ban with plastic guns. >> okay mark kelly, thank you. >> thank you. time now is 5:10. violent protests sweep through the streets of the ukraine. what hundreds of thousands of demonstrators are demanding. and some new developments this morning on that pot of whales found stranded in the florida everglades. and a storm system that reeked havoc across much of the nation is pounding the east coast. more on the big mess it's causing coast to coast. clear and cold, freezing temperatures showing up outside again. when will that end? we will talk about that coming up. and so far, everything is in the clear if you're traveling through antioch. top speeds, past the bridge all the way out into can cord.
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we'll have more on your morning commute but first we want to know what drives you crazy during your commute? you can ask a question or share a gripe by e-mailing or tweet me and watch right here to see if your question gets answered on air. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,
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trending now...the grammys. taking a look at what's trending right now. christmas is trending, also the grammies nominations are out and jay z leads the pack earning nine nominations. mandela memorial, dozens of world leaders including president obama are headed to south africa for the memorial tomorrow. the 49ers are trending, they beat the seahawks last night in the second to last game at candlestick park and winter storm, remember you can follow us on twitter at cbs sf. susan boyle revealed she has asberger's syndrome. boyle became an overnight star when she was in the britain's got talent competition, she had learning difficulties as a child and doctors said she had some brain damage but last year a specialist told her she suffered from asperger's, the
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disorder is a form of autism, but the woman, she can sing. >> that's for sure. 5:15. let's get a check on the roads with elizabeth. >> thanks guys. we already have problems. we got off to a bad start at 4:30 this morning and we still have this traffic alert in effect even though the main lines are now open it's the off ramp that remains shutdown. northbound 880 by fifth avenue, about 6:30 this morning. a car or actually big rig hit those sand barrels, spilled debris all over the roadways, sand debris and now just the off ramp remains blocked with the clean up. in the meantime we're maybe beginning to see slight delays as you head northbound near that fifth exit, not too bad though so far. no need to find an alternate yet or anything like that. we'll let you know if things change a little later in the morning commute. chp also issued a high wind advise our this morning, the heads up if traveling out of martinez, things could get a little gusty out there, two hands-on the steering wheel. weather also causing issues now in 24, sounds like the
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eastbound lanes of 24 black ice is reported heading out of the caldecott at st. stevens exit. here is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, obviously cruising right along coming into san francisco from the eastbay and we're making phone calls right now on this car went into the ditch. southbound highway 17 near highway 85, near the los gatos creek trail. it's visible from the connector ramp. that's your latest traffic. for more on your chilly forecast here is lawrence. >> yeah, another freezing start to the day here in the bay area. it looks like that arctic air sitting overhead for at least a couple more days so freeze warnings are up outside. you've got clear skies, offshore winds, keep you virtually cloud-free. also very dry air and that's why the temperatures dropping like a rock this morning. out the door you've got clear skies over the bay bridge, temperatures back into the 20s again, 22 degrees in santa rosa, hovering near record low temperatures in san jose at 29, 37 degrees in san francisco, 34 in livermore and 31 degrees in
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oakland. i think as we head through the day we'll see mostly sunny skies but the temperatures even in the afternoon still going to stay on the chilly side. plan on lots of 40s and 50s again and then slow warming into the middle of the week and by then maybe back to normal and maybe not having to worry about the deep freeze we've been in the last five to seven days. here it is show right now. you see the cold arctic air continuing to work its way in. high pressure builds in behind that so we're going to see warmer days ahead but not today. 40s in the central valley, 32 and freezing in lake tahoe for a high around the bay today, we're looking at temperatures mainly in the 40s and the 50s in the south bay, a lot of 40s, those will be most calm and into the eastbay and then you head inside the bay, moderating those temperatures a little bit 52 degrees in oakland and 52 degrees in san francisco. next couple of days we'll start to warm the temperatures up, maybe with some 60s as we head in toward wednesday, a few clouds coming our way thursday and friday but looks like we stay dry right into the weekend. well kpix 5 is live in orinda right now where freezing temperatures are creating
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dangerous driving conditions. kit? >> reporter: yes, i can't believe that we're out here again, but looks like it's freezing temperatures are going to stay with us for awhile. we've got a warning from the chp about black ice on highway 24 near fish ranch road. this is in the tunnel, the very far right tunnel as you are heading eastbound into orinda. the far right lane of the far right tunnel i think we have video. look really closely here on the ground because black ice is what makes it so dangerous is that it's hard to see so there's a patch of it where i think some water is trickling down the wall and then the patch is probably i would say five to 10 feet long and then after that you'll see where the water ran off into the gutter and that stretch of ice that's inside that gutter probably goes for about 50 to maybe 100- yards, so please do be careful as you head on out here. the temperature is below freezing. well below freezing. the wind is blowing so the wind chill is i'm guessing somewhere in the 20s in fact. okay, so back here live in
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orinda, see this t-shirt here? we just laid it out and i poured water over it, that was at the top of the hour, so i'm hoping by the end of the show here, this thing will be frozen solid, but for now we are live in orinda where there's reports of black ice on highway 24 near fish ranch road. kpix5. use crane's president agreed to meet with his three predecessors to talk about diffusing the countries political crisis. yesterday, anti-government protesters toppled a statue of former soviet leaders. it happened where hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets. they're angry with the decision by president victor yanakovich to break away from the european union. massive anti-government protesting thailand forced the prime minister to dissolve the lower house of parliament. newerly elections are planned for february 2nd but that is
5:20 am
not making protesters very happy. 150,000 people have demonstrated against the prime minister, they want her out of office, at least five people have been killed in recent protests and hundreds more have been injured. a sad update on that pot of pilot whales found stranded in florida. 11 were found dead yesterday, bringing the total dead now to 22. while life experts have been guiding them back to deeper water to save them. the whales were out of sight for awhile bringing hope they may have found their way back to sea. unclear what's happened to the rest of the pack. experts will try to find out if disease was a factor in their deaths. 5:20 now coming up the palo alto man held for weeks in north korea finally home and this morning he's talking about his experience. and coming up, an amazing shot that had even tiger woods filing and it turns out the 49ers can beat a winning team. a huge victory coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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yes you did. yes you did. no i didn't. no i didn't.
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yes you did. yes you did. no i didn't. no i didn't. did not. yes you did. [ male announcer ] find some peace this holiday. get an 8 piece meal, any recipe, with a dozen cookies baked in-restaurant. the kfc festive feast. that's a lot for just $19.99! today tastes so good. cold, arctic air continues to five into the bay area. some temperatures this morning down in the 20s and 30s again. warmer days are ahead we'll talk about it coming up. we're already starting things off with a traffic alert. this in oakland northbound 880 by fifth. the off ramp remains closed until 6:30.
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we'll have a full kcbs traffic report coming up. good morning everyone. the 49ers can now say they have beaten a quality opponent and more importantly they can say they have beaten the seattle seahawks. down a point fourth quarter, frank gore, this is a great time for his biggest run of the year, 51-yards down to the seattle 20-yard line, gore goes over 100-yards but that would set up phil dawson for the chip shot game winning field goal with 30 seconds left, the 49ers take down their nfc west rival. they played like the bad news bears. curly comes up and goes down. justin braun got his stick chopped from him. no penalty calls, gets a loose puk, and the sharks lose 3-1 after he scores. challenging in thousand oaks, zach johnson with the miracle drop shot, he needed to just pull it out to stay alive against tiger woods and he did.
5:25 am
even tiger had smiles, that one forces the playoffs in the playoffs, tiger putting to stay alive. it doesn't go, tiger woods loses to zach johnson, the shoe on the other foot. tigers not used to that. in fact tiger woods had a four shot lead with eight holes to play and he lost it. that's it, everybody. we'll see you tonight. thank you, dennis. ly of the day from snowy baltimore maryland. the ravers were down with 10 seconds left in regulation when baltimore's marlin brown caught a joe flaco pass in the endoscopy zone turned out to be the game winner, there it is, as the ravens come back to beat the minnesota vikings 29-26 in what was a wild day in not f had yesterday. 5:25 coming up a month after the devastating typhoon in the philippines, life saving saw lies may not be reaching those who need it most. more on this disturbing report. thousands of paul walker fans gathered in california to
5:26 am
honor the late actor. more on the unique tribute in his memory. and we are live in orinda where there's black ice in the caldecott tunnel. we've got a live report coming up. ,,,,,,,, a subaru...
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nelson mandela. more on the the outpouring of emotion continues after the loss of nelson mandela. more on the worldwide remembrance planned in his honor. after four people died in a derailment in the bronx, two u.s. senators are pushing for better safety measures on trains. how they believe another tragedy can be avoided. clear skies, freezing temperatures, a cold snap continues, how much longer, we'll talk about it coming up. so far things are looking pretty good if heading towards
5:30 am
the bay bridge toll plaza but we are getting some reports of black ice this morning. we'll show you where things guest a little treacherous coming up. well good morning. it's monday, december 9th. i'm mark kelly filling in for frank whose lost his voice this morning. >> frank lost his voice. what do you know. just kept getting worse, yeah. a little bit of tea, honey, right, lawrence? >> warmer weather would help too. all the cold weather outside is tough. folks we've seen those chilly temperatures for about the last five to seven days and it continues this morning, 22 degrees in santa rosa, 23 in napa. i think we'll see a lot of plant damage in much of the north bay valley. looking at 20s and 30s elsewhere, even 29 degrees in san jose, that's pretty amazing so freeze warnings are up until 9:00 this morning, then it looks like the temperatures will start to moderate a little bit and then i think one more night of some freezing temperatures and then maybe just maybe we'll start to catch a break as we head in toward wednesday. meantime though highs in the afternoon going to be running in the 40s and the 50s so still a chilly day ahead. we'll see about 48 degrees in
5:31 am
livermore, 47 in concord, and about 52 in san jose. chilly temperatures by day, freezing by night. kpix5 kit doe checking out icy road conditions right now. he's live in orinda. kit? >> reporter: hi there. yes, live in orinda where the chp is warning of black ice on highway 24 near fish ranch road. this is going eastbound on highway 24 towards orinda. the far right tunnel in the far right lane. i think we have video of this. look carefully here, it is black ice and that's what makes it so dangerous because it's hard to see, so there's a little patch of black ice here. i think it's about maybe 10-15 feet long, it's coming from the water that's trickling down the side of the wall of the tunnel, and then that water is dripping down the gutter, and so then the ice is frozen inside that gutter and that's why the chp is issuing this warning of black ice in the tunnel.
5:32 am
so again, far right lane of the far right tunnel going eastbound towards orinda. check this out. at the top of the hour, i laid out this t-shirt with a little bit of water thinking it would take the entire show to freeze, but this t-shirt freeze probably in about 10-15 minutes, gives me some idea of just how cold it is and if you can see here the wind is blowing pretty good out here. temperature is well below freezing, so the wind chill is probably somewhere in the low 20s so very cold out here, be careful if you're heading through highway 24 eastbound towards orinda. live, kpix5. >> that t-shirt didn't take long at all. bad weather across the country is having a major impact on air travel. more than a thousand flights have already been cancelled for today. dallas fort worth international is taking the brunt of cancellations. overall, 2500 flights were cancelled yesterday and thousands more were delayed. well the palo alto man detained in north korea is back home and says he spent most of his time there in a hotel room.
5:33 am
korean war veteran merill newman was taken into custody more than a month ago while on a tourist trip. now he tells the santa cruz sentinal he was well fed and kept comfortable when asked about his televised apology newman said that's not my english. he added his wife now controls his passport. a stanford medical team is back home after spending two weeks in the philippines, helping with the typhoon haiyan relief efforts there. now they work six days a week treating about 200 patients a day. they say the weather made things difficult and was very draining. while they were there to provide medical and emotional support. >> just been listening about their stories and i think they feel good, our presence actually makes them feel good. and they are very grateful for that. >> members of the team say while the devastation is widespread, they did see rebuilding taking place. they say the spirit of the
5:34 am
phillipine people gives them a sense of optimism. in the u-n is looking into allegations that aid has yet to reach remote parts of the philippines. humanitarian chief valerie amos says she's investigating reports in the media where people said they had not received any help. now more than 5700 people were child and several towns were leveled during typhoon haiyan. >> let's get a check on the roads with elizabeth. >> its been busy since we got on the air at 4:30. we've had a number of different incidents, fortunately nothing hugely slowing you down, but first there is a traffic alert still in effect this one out in the eastbay, the off ramp remains closed for another hour or so after a big rig hit a bunch of sand barrels, spread a bunch of debris all across the freeway. the main lines of the freeway are open so as you can see near the oakland colosseum, oakland airport, still no big delays but you may find a few just tapping the brake lights as you get past that fifth avenue
5:35 am
exit. also a heads up, chp cancelled their high wind advise our. it was their only one this morning, chp issued it pretty early and they just cleared it so it looks like conditions are improving a bit out there but as our reporter kit do just mentioned black ice reported in the eastbound lanes of 24 coming out of the caldecott tunnel through the orinda exit b sounds like it's in the slow lanes heading out towards st. stevens drive. here is a live look now at the bay bridge toll plaza conditions starting to get a little busier here, in the outer cash lanes but no problems yet because they have not activated the metering lights and in los gatos, a car ran off the roadway into a ditch. southbound highway 17 to highway 85. we'll have another traffic report coming up. in the meantime back to you guys. president obama and three of his predecessors are heading to south africa to attend tomorrows memorial for nelson mandela. kpix5 joins us from the news room with more on the week of events in honor of the civil
5:36 am
rights legend. kate? >> reporter: more than 50 heads of state will be in attendance making it the largest gatherings of world leaders in recent history and now at south african police officers are tasked with insuring it is a secure memorial. 11,000 soldiers have been deployed around the country to protect the mourners, about 80,000 people are expected to attend and the head of south africa's national defense force says the country is prepared for the challenge of keeping so many dignitaries safe. the week long event honoring the leader kicked off yesterday with a national day of prayer. that leader died, nelson mandela died thursday at age 95. at one ceremony, mandela was remembered by the man who succeeded him, now south africa's president. >> what inspired by what he and his generation were able to do to modellize millions of our people, to engage in struggle, to end in justice. >> president obama and first
5:37 am
lady michelle obama will attend a public memorial service for mandela tomorrow. former presidents jimmy carter, bill clinton, and george w. bush also plan to attend with their wives and then mandela's body will lie in state for three days before his burial. a make shift memorial outside nelson mandela's former home has been a place for south africans to coming to before his death. >> mandela' family issued a statement saying they were humbled and grateful for the outpouring of support from governments and people around the world. happening today, san diego's embattled former mayor is expected to be sentenced on sexual harassment charges as part of a plea agreement bob filner will get three years probation and three months of home confinement. he will also have to undergo mental health treatment. filner resigned in august after more than a dozen women accused of making unwanted advances toward them. in october he plead guilty to felony false imprisonment and
5:38 am
misdemeanor battery charges. a man accused of killing season trying to sell his playstation is due in court today. investigators say 21 year old ronnie collins lured the victim to san francisco by offering to buy the video game conceal from him. the victim of daily city posted the playstation 4 for sale online. a somber scene in los angeles county as thousands of people turned up at the site of the car accident that killed actor paul walker. christy f. hardo reports yesterdays memorial was unofficial with information spread online. >> reporter: paul walker fans came from all over in modified cars. they mourned, they revved their engines, and they left. fans call it a fitting tribute to the star and his friend roger rodis, two men, car enthusiasts believe, are now racing in paradise. >> i think it was great. a lot of fans came out and a lot of cars too.
5:39 am
>> the sheriffs department is also pleased. this is what it looks like late into the evening, at points traffic stretched on to freeways, massive crowds, fast cars, souped up engines and no real trouble. >> today things went well thanks to very cooperative people and there was at least 5,000 people that came out and nearly 2000 cars we estimate. >> all here for an unsanctioned event, to remember the two men killed in this fiery crash eight days ago. in this the age of social media, friends told trends to come pay tribute to the fast and furious star and word quickly spread. there was no one organizer, no way to know how many people were coming, and deputies were left to guess at how to deal with the mourners. >> we saw event after event showing up especially on facebook and ultimately found at least 13 facebook pages that i saw as well as some other sites that were talking about that they were planning on coming here today. >> the sheriffs department brought in extra deputies and volunteers and they closed
5:40 am
lanes and streets to help prevent problems all while fans revved engines, signed memorials and thanked paul walker for his charity, movies and their memories. >> paul walker inspired us and we love him. >> fast and furious 6 will be released on dvd as scheduled tomorrow. some of the proceeds will be donated to his charity, reach out worldwide, which benefits survivors of natural disasters. after four people died earlier this month in a derailment in the bronx, two u.s. senators want cameras mounted in trains. they want them pointed at engineers and at the tracks. the national transportation safety board has made a similar suggestion. one of the senators who wants cameras says they will be able to detect and prevent problems. >> as we move forward from the crash, we have to focus on the lessons that we learned in the past week and make sure that these things don't happen
5:41 am
again. reports are now pointing to human error. >> a union leader says the engineer nodded off or experienced some sort of daze just before the accident. in addition to the four killed 60 people were hurt when the train barreled into a turn at 80 miles an hour. the speed limit was supposed to be 30. well, in other headlines around the bay investigators in sonoma county will be back out at a park this morning after a family stumbled upon human remains there. a man and his two children were in shilo ranch regional park in windsor when the father spotted a human skull and tennis shoe yesterday. well detectives were called out but since it was dark at the time they had to secure the area so they can returned to. a gun buyback event planned for this coming saturday in san jose is facing some challenges. this is a crowd funded buyback and so far organizers haven't reached the $5,000 mark. they need $10,000 by tomorrow. organizers say every $100 will
5:42 am
take one gun off the street. stanford and michigan state will play in the rose bowl in pasadena on new years day. fourth ranked michigan state with a 12-1 record secured a spot after beating ohio state saturday. number five stanford with 11-2 record will be back in pasadena for the second straight season. the rose bowl celebrate, will celebrate 100 years this year. a new survey suggests a lot of americans are considered rich at least temporarily. >> wendy go has that and more in this morning cbs money watch report. >> reporter: hi good morning frank and michelle. the federal reserve will reportedly taper its bond buying program next year, put in place to stimulate the economy. the new york times reports an announcement to cut the program could come next week. officials expect the nations economy to improve in the new year. that could put a stop to the big games on wall street over the past couple of months. the stocks were flying high friday after the announcement of a stronger than expected
5:43 am
jobs report. the dow finished 198 points higher, the nasdac rose 29. and interesting information about the new rich in our country. a survey shows 21% of u.s. adults become rich for part of hair lives, earning a household income of a quarter million dollars or more at some point. those in the group made up of older professionals, working married couples, and educated singles usually make at least six figures a year during other periods which is in the top 20% of earners. frank and michelle? >> okay, wendy. well the world will have a new biggest airline today, right? >> it's going to be in the u.s.. american airlines will merge with u.s. airways when their deal goes through later today. the government had tried to block the merger. the deal will lift american airlines out of bankruptcy protection. >> okay, wendy, live in new york, thank you. well morning commuters are facing an icy ride across the
5:44 am
mid atlantic this morning. more on the impact of the blast of winter weather. researchers have found an easy way to kill bed bugs. how to deal with the blood sucking pests. ,,,,,,,,,,
5:45 am
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time is 5:46:00 a.m. let's get a check of traffic with liz. >> okay, we'll go right out towards the venetia bridge showing you a live look because earlier chp issued a high wind advisory, they cancelled it 15 minutes ago so traffic is flowing nicely this morning heading out of martinez, actually in both directions of 680 look good. let's go to our maps. things are starting to get busy at the bay bridge, 5:47 this morning, still no metering lights but lanes are looking good coming into san francisco cash lanes are stacking up, and here is a live look at westbound 24 at telegraph actually the eastbound lanes of 24 that could get dangerous this morning, reports of black ice on the road heading out of the caldecot actual el towards the orinda exit and kit do has been giving us live reports at the scene. also in oakland we woke up to a traffic alert northbound 880 at fifth avenue officially the traffic alert has been cancelled but the off ramp remains closed for another hopefully 45 minutes or so, a big rig struck about six to seven sand barrels. there was debris all over the roadway so now just the off
5:48 am
ramp is blocked. if you want to use mass transit, bart system is on time, no delays, caltrain and ace train on schedule this morning. that's your latest, kcbs traffic with more on our cool weather forecast here is lawrence. >> very chilly around the bay area, day after day of freezing temperatures and many spots back down in the 20s in some of the north bay valley even into san jose we've seen 20s. we've got clear excise, offshore wind, very dry air, that's allowing these temperatures to drop off all around outside. right now out the door nice and clear over the bay. temperatures of 31 degrees in oakland, 22 in santa rosa even 29 degrees in san jose, that's very unusual. 37 degrees in san francisco and 34 in livermore. as we head through the day we'll have plenty of sunshine all day long but still, some chilly temperatures by the afternoon. finally, just finally it looks like high pressure will begin to build in slow warming toward the middle of the week, maybe normal temperatures, maybe a
5:49 am
few 60s as we head in toward wednesday. right now that cold arctic air continues to drive itself right back into the bay area, the next couple days that ridge will start to settle in overhead and that will bring it into the arctic air. meantime it's colder around the state 40s in the central valley, 32 in lake tahoe after overnight lows below zero, you're traveling around the u.s. not a bad day out of sfo, no delays expected about 50 degrees and sunshine. other parts of the country are seeing delays into new york, going to see rain today, 45 degrees, very cold in chicago mostly cloudy 24, 21 in denver and 52 degrees in houston. as we head around the bay you'll see those temperatures a little chilly 40s and 50s in the south bay, eastbay mainly into the 40s for highs and as you get inside the bay looking at highs in the 50s. next couple of days we'll see warmer weather on the way, maybe a few more clouds coming our way thursday and friday but looks like it's going to stay dry the next five to seven days and warmer temperatures too. okay time for your schoolcast. this country lane elementary school in san jose starting out
5:50 am
with freezing temperatures early on, by lunch time a little chilly, temperatures only in the 40s, and 50s as you head toward getting out of school. if you'd like to nominate your school, go to but guys finally looks like you can see the end in sight but the cold temperatures as we get into wednesday definitely back to normal. >> three coats this morning. >> three? >> that's what you need. >> i was prepared. >> i only had one. that's it. that's why i'm cold. well it is cold here but things are much worse in other parts of the country. heavy snow is piling up in pennsylvania, more than eight inches have fallen in the philadelphia area causing a lot of accidents and freezing rain is making life miserable in washington d.c. take a look. new york, boston and several other big cities further north are preparing for bad weather today as well. air travel has been severely impacted more than a thousand flights have already been cancelled today. bed bugs could be the new way to get rid of bed bugs.
5:51 am
a new study in the journal found they freeze to death if you keep the temperature low enough for a few days. researchers suggest homeowners put bed bug infested items in a plastic bag inside a freezer for two to four days. every hour a child is treated for a high chair related injury according to a new study from the nationwide children's hospital. the authors found the number of injuries is on the rise and most involve a fall. now researchers recommend using the chairs safety straps and staying with the child during meal times. time is 5:51. a holiday parade in virginia takes a frightening turn. how a float suddenly burst into flames. an unlucky airline passenger gets locked inside a plane. how the man got left behind after his flight. ,,,,,,
5:52 am
yes you did. yes you did. no i didn't. no i didn't. yes you did. yes you did. no i didn't. no i didn't. did not. yes you did. [ male announcer ] find some peace this holiday. get an 8 piece meal, any recipe, with a dozen cookies baked in-restaurant. the kfc festive feast. that's a lot for just $19.99! today tastes so good.
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5:54 am
that arctic air continues to dive into the bay area but maybe not for long. we've got some changes ahead. hopefully warmer weather too. what a difference just a couple minutes makes. they already turned the metering lights on over at the bay bridge and now delays are stacking up and we've got reports of black ice on the road, so your full kcbs traffic report coming up. a holiday parade came to a fiery end over the weekend. one of the floats burst into flames in virginia beach, virginia. firefighters grabbed an extinguisher from a nearby pizza parlor and put out the fire. they say a generator surrounded by materials was to blame. nobody was seriously injured but members of a marching band were hospitalized with breathing problems. united airlines is trying to figure out how no one noticed a sleeping passenger
5:55 am
got locked inside a plane. tom wagner was on his way from louisiana to california. he fell asleep on his connecting flight to houston, but when he woke up the plane was dark and he thought he was dreaming. he soon figured out it was real when workers came on board. >> i said don't put the blame on me. i said i didn't do nothing wrong here and then they were like okay, well try to keep it quiet. >> well since wagner missed his connection united put him up at a hotel and gave him a voucher which is nice, trying to figure out how no one noticed wagner during the post flight walk through. coming up on kpix5 president obama and the first lady are on their way to south africa to honor civil rights legend nelson mandela. this is a live look outside his home. we'll tell you how a country and the bay area is paying tribute to the civil rights legend. we've got black ice in orinda. i'm kit do with a live report
5:56 am
coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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just up, and bundled threers down. people are slivering, there's a freeze warning in effect through the day! storms came out of nowhere. it just hit us, honestly. >> all of a sudden it just bam, hit us and i'm sliding. >> commuters are up against the elements. snow and ice wreaking havoc all across the country. a family stumbled upon human remains. officials will try identify who the victim is and figure out what happened. what he and his generation were able to do, to realize millions of our people to end the injustice of apartheid. >> president obama and the first lady will leave for south africa today to attend the national memorial service for nelson mandela. it will be held tomorrow in
6:00 am
johannesburg. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on kpix5 news this morning. good morning, it is monday, december 9th. i'm mark kelly in for frank who lost his voice. >> hopefully he gets rest. time now is 6:00. freezing temperatures are making for some dangerous driving conditions in parts of the east bay. >> kit do is live in orinda where we found patches of black ice. >> reporter: the chp is warning the black ice is on highway 24, eastbound, this is inside the caldecott tunnel. the good news is this is in the reverse commute direction. it's in the far right tunnel, far right lane. you'll see the little patch of black ice. probably about 10 to 15 feet wide and it stretches for just a little bit. this is coming off the water th


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